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Blokus Board Strategy Game

Blokus Board Strategy Game

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Product Name: Blokus Board Strategy Game


Embark on a journey of tactical brilliance with the Blokus Board Strategy Game! This captivating and strategic game invites players to showcase their wits by strategically positioning uniquely shaped pieces on the board. The goal is to conquer more territory while strategically impeding opponents from doing the same. Blokus is not only easy to learn but also offers a plethora of strategic possibilities, making it an ideal game for players of all ages.


  • Engaging Gameplay: Challenge yourself and others with a game that combines skill and strategy, fostering friendly competition and intellectual growth.
  • Uniquely Shaped Pieces: With a total of 84 four-color chess pieces, the game offers a visually stimulating and dynamic experience on the checkerboard.
  • Endless Strategic Possibilities: Enjoy a game that is easy to learn yet provides endless strategic depth, ensuring each match is a new and exciting challenge.
  • Complete Set: The game includes a checkerboard, four-color chess pieces (21 of each color), four platters, and a comprehensive manual for easy understanding.


  • Checkerboard Dimensions: Standard size
  • Chess Pieces: 84 four-color pieces (21 each in four colors)
  • Additional Components: Four platters and a detailed manual

Package Includes:

  • 1 Blokus Checkerboard
  • 84 Four-color Chess Pieces
  • 4 Platters
  • 1 Manual

Notes: To fully grasp the strategic nuances of Blokus, it is recommended to thoroughly read the manual provided. Enjoy the game with family and friends, and let the strategic battles unfold on the vibrant checkerboard.

ORDER NOW! LIMITED STOCK ONLY Conquer the board and engage in hours of strategic fun with the Blokus Board Strategy Game. Limited stock available, so secure your set now and immerse yourself in a world of tactical brilliance!

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