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EcoSplash Solar Shower Bag: Refresh Anywhere, Anytime

EcoSplash Solar Shower Bag: Refresh Anywhere, Anytime

Обычная цена $85.99 CAD
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Introducing the SunBath 12L PVC Solar Shower Bag, a must-have for your outdoor hygiene needs. Styled as FW2085 in our outdoor wash bag category, this eco-friendly solution is perfect for camping, mountaineering, and extended outdoor adventures. Made from durable PVC material, it features a generous 12-liter capacity, ensuring you have ample water for a refreshing shower. The solar bag's efficient design, measuring 43cm in height and 17cm in diameter, absorbs sunlight to naturally heat the water inside. 

Available in a sleek grey color, it combines functionality with a modern aesthetic. Stay clean and refreshed on your journeys with the SunBath Solar Shower Bag, your portable solution for outdoor bathing.

Packing List: "Solar Shower Bag x 1 set"


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