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Elegance Ensemble: Women's Fashion Watch and Bracelet Set

Elegance Ensemble: Women's Fashion Watch and Bracelet Set

Обычная цена $19.99 CAD
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Elevate your accessory game with our Elegance Ensemble, a meticulously curated fashion women's watch and bracelet set designed for the modern, style-conscious individual. This boutique collection combines casual elegance with functionality, featuring a watch with a classic pointer display, encapsulated in a sleek alloy case. The watch's slim 10mm thickness and 37mm dial diameter make it both comfortable and stylish for everyday wear. 

Accompanying the watch are four exquisite bracelets, each crafted to complement the watch's design, allowing for versatile styling options. Whether stacked together for a bold statement or worn separately for a touch of sophistication, this set transitions effortlessly from day to evening wear. Embrace the harmony of style and elegance with this must-have watch and bracelet ensemble.

Packing List: "1 x Fashion Watch, 4 x Bracelets"

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