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Layered Charm: Women's Retro Multi-Layer Pendant Clavicle Chain

Layered Charm: Women's Retro Multi-Layer Pendant Clavicle Chain

Обычная цена $32.99 CAD
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Dive into the timeless elegance of our Layered Charm Clavicle Chain, a multi-layer pendant necklace that brings a touch of retro sophistication to any ensemble. Expertly crafted with an electroplating treatment process, this necklace shines in gold as a testament to its unique allure. Made from high-quality alloy and featuring popular round elements, it encapsulates a blend of simplicity and vintage charm.

Designed to gracefully adorn your neckline, this piece serves as the perfect accessory for those who cherish retro style with a modern twist. Whether you're looking to enhance your daily wear or add a sophisticated touch to your evening outfit, the Layered Charm Clavicle Chain stands out as a versatile and chic choice.

Embrace the elegance that comes with this exquisitely designed necklace, a symbol of timeless beauty and style.

Packing List: "1 x Necklace"

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