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LunarGlow Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

LunarGlow Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

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  1. Magnetic Levitation Technology: Experience the magic of illumination with the LunarGlow Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp, a marvel of modern lighting design that simulates the ethereal float of the moon. Using advanced magnetic levitation technology, this lamp creates a captivating visual effect as the 3D printed moon hovers 15mm above the base, bringing the celestial into your home.
  2. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each moon, with a diameter of 14cm, is meticulously crafted through 3D printing technology, capturing the moon's craters and surface with astonishing detail. The lamp is available with two base options to complement any decor: (A) a rich dark peach wood base or (B) a lighter colored base.
  3. Ambient Lighting: Designed to soothe and inspire, this planet night light emits a soft glow that transforms any room into a serene space. It's perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom, living room, or study. Powered by a 12v 1A power supply and operated by a touch switch, it offers both convenience and low energy consumption.
  4. Unique Decorative Piece: Not just a light source, the LunarGlow Moon Lamp is a conversation starter and a stunning piece of art. Its levitating design is not only a testament to technological innovation but also an homage to the beauty of our natural satellite.


  • Model: 3D Moon Light
  • Moon Diameter: 14cm
  • Base Size: 13.413.42.8cm
  • Power Supply: 12v 1A
  • Suspension Height: 15mm
  • Product Weight: 1500g
  • Color Classification: Dark Peach Wood Base (A), Light-Colored Mahogany Base (B)
  • Switch Type: Touch switch
  • Voltage: ≤36V (inclusive)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x LunarGlow Magnetic Levitation Moon Night Light

Bring a piece of the cosmos into your home with the LunarGlow Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp, where innovation meets tranquility for a truly out-of-this-world lighting experience.

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